Top 25 Bestsellers Dresses (over the last 30 days)

These are the top best selling dresses for the last one month. These range from prom dresses, party dresses, and formal dresses. We also carry a large selection of cheap party dresses. Check this page often to view best selling formal dresses. This bestseller dresses list is generated by our servers automatically. Based on data from 2/24/2017 to 3/26/2017.

1.    Floral Pattern Hand Beaded Jacket  (item# 3702)
Hand beaded jacket with a floral pattern design running along the neck and base of jacket. Length is approx. 22 inches.All colors have golden details. 100% Silk with polyester lining. Imported. 

Price: $89.00

Burgundy/Black ....  XL  2X  
Red/Black ....  S  M  L  XL  2X  
Red/Green ....  S  L  2X  

2.    Strapless Pleated Knot Bust Short Bridesmaid Party Dress  (item# p8951)
Strapless Pleated Twist Knot Bust Short Bridesmaid Party Dress. Empire cut pleated bodice has a twisted knot design with thin belt accent at the waist. Bustier style back straps with zipper closure also. Bust is padded. Polyester chiffon dress. Imported. 

Price: $85.00

Blush ....  
Coral ....  XS  S  M  L  XL  2X  3X  
Red ....  XS  S  M  L  XL  2X  3X  

3.    High Collar Full Sleeves Long Sheer Beaded Jacket  (item# 3755)
High Collar Full Sleeves Long Sheer Beaded Jacket. Shoulder padded jacket has floral beaded border along the front opening, collar, side slits & hem of sleeves. Beaded floral patches all over this 51" long, 23" sleeves, 23" side slits jacket. Hook closure at the neck. Imported. 

Price: $85.00

Black/Silver ....  M  L  XL  1X  2X  3X  4X  
Royal/Silver ....  M  L  XL  1X  

4.    Round Neck Half Sleeves Sequined Blouse  (item# 4263)
Round Neck Half Sleeves Petals Design Sequined Blouse. Petals make a web like sequined pattern all over the blouse. Zig zag cut on the hem of sleeves & hem also. Back zipper closure. Length of blouse is 25". Imported. 

Price: $77.00

Green ....  XS  S  
Purple ....  S  M  L  3X  4X  5X  
Red ....  L  
Royal Blue ....  S  

5.    Halter Neck Beaded Formal Dress  (item# 7648)
Full length formal with wavy pipe beads and round bead accent on upper bodice; above the knee slit on one side of the dress. 

Price: $109.00

Red/Silver ....  2X  

6.    2 Piece Hand Beaded Formal Dress  (item# 8060)
2 piece Spaghetti Strapped Full Length dress with a matching fully beaded jacket; side slit in the front of the dress; Stems like design accentuates the upper bodice of the dress.Back Zipper Closure. 

Price: $189.00

Champaign ....  L  XL  1X  2X  4X  
Charcoal ....  L  XL  1X  2X  3X  
Gold ....  M  L  XL  2X  3X  
Royal Blue ....  M  L  XL  1X  2X  3X  4X  
Silver ....  2X  3X  4X  

7.    A-Line Long Cocktail Dress with Floral Beaded Pattern  (item# 8873 )
A-Line Sleeveless Long Formal Cocktail Dress with Pearls Beaded Pattern. Overlay is black silk chiffon with stems and leaves beaded pattern with inner lining in red or purple colors. Closed back with zipper closure.Natural silk (100%) chiffon hand-beaded dress with polyester lining. Length is approx. 56-58 inches. 

Price: $95.00

Black/Purple ....  XS  S  M  L  1X  2X  
Black/Red ....  XS  S  2X  

8.    Short Sleeved Scoop Neck Blouse  (item# 1019)
Short sleeved beaded blouse with a beautiful petal accentuation around the neckline, hem, and sleeves. Made of 100% silk chiffon. 

Price: $85.00

Black/Silver ....  S  
Black/White ....  M  L  XL  1X  2X  
Ivory ....  S  M  L  XL  1X  2X  3X  4X  
Royal/White ....  

9.    V-Neck Ruffle Sleeves Long Formal Dress with Pleating  (item# 11387)
V-Neck Ruffle Sleeves Long Formal Dress with Pleating. Empire cut dress is little shirred at the bust and back also. Shirred waistband with back zipper closure. Skirt is all vertically pleated. Made in USA. 

Price: $79.00

Black ....  XL  
Dark Turquoise ....  XS  S  M  L  XL  2X  3X  
Gray ....  XS  S  M  L  XL  2X  
Magenta ....  XS  S  M  L  3X  
Plum ....  XS  

10.    V-Neck Full Sleeves Beaded Long Sheer Jacket   (item# 1285)
V-Neck Full Sleeves Long Sheer Jacket with Beading. Artistic stems with leaves beaded pattern all over the jacket & also vertical pipe beading starting at the neckline running along the front opening & ending at the hem of jacket. Double hook closure & shoulder padded. 100% silk chiffon. Imported. This long jacket can be worn over a dress, teamed up with dress pants or worn casually with jeans. 

Price: $85.00

Black/Red ....  S  L  2X  3X  
Black/Silver ....  S  L  XL  3X  

11.    Round Neck Artistic Sequins Pattern Long Blouse  (item# 2925)
Round Neck Long Sequined Blouse with Full Sheer Sleeves. Pull over blouse has an artistic leafy sequined pattern all over & is shoulder padded. 100% silk chiffon with polyester lining. Length is 31" approx. 

Price: $35.00

Black ....  
Green ....  S  M  L  
Jade Green ....  S  M  L  
Purple ....  M  
Royal Blue ....  S  
Teal ....  S  

12.    Full Sleeves Sequined Silk Chiffon Blouse  (item# 2926)
Round neck full sleeves natural silk chiffon hand-beaded blouse with polyester Lining. Artistic sequined pattern all over the blouse. Pull over top is approx 31 inches long. 

Price: $35.00

Black ....  
Royal Blue ....  
Teal ....  

13.    Full Sleeves Long Beaded Formal Gown with Elegant Bodice  (item# 2985)
Full Sleeves Formal Evening Gown with Elegant Sequined Pattern at the Bodice & Back. Stems & leaves beaded pattern in pipe beads gives this dress a very sophisticated look. Big keyhole at back with sequined pattern bordering it. Long slit at the back & shoulder padded. Made of 100% natural silk chiffon with polyester lining.  

Price: $129.00

Purple/Silver ....  S  M  L  XL  
Red/Silver ....  S  L  XL  
Royal/Silver ....  S  L  XL  1X  

14.    Round Shaped Beaded Design Jacket  (item# 3251)
A hand beaded jacket with a round shape that covers the jacket. Length measures approx. 28 inches. 

List Price: $95.00
Our Price: $68.00
You Save: $27.00(28%)

Black ....  S  M  L  
Ivory ....  S  M  L  XL