Bridesmaids Guide


It is universally known that to be a bridesmaid means having to perform an active role in the wedding event. Being one of the closest to the bride is a privilege and other than being tasked to assist the bride in the ceremony, among others, it is likewise expected of you to coordinate with the bride in identifying and selecting the stunningly perfect bridesmaids dress for the occasion.

With the emergence of numerous dress manufacturers today, not to mention the multitude of styles to choose from, one is always left uncertain of which style will look exceptionally elegant for the wedding. The dress of course, should likewise be in consonance with the bride’s wedding dress and few others as necessary considerations.

Having the basic and most important considerations at this point can greatly facilitate in narrowing down your choices. With reference to the following, we are optimistic that this guideline will expedite your decision-making as to which dress will perfectly suit the most important occasion in the life of a woman – her wedding day!

The following may be considered:


This is the general concept of the wedding event. Details of the occasion will basically evolve on the theme set.
  1. Traditional Wedding - weddings in banquets, country clubs, hotel ballrooms. Full length dresses in either sheath or A-line cut are recommended. Shawl will add elegance.
  2. Outdoor Wedding – weddings in country park / vineyard wedding, garden wedding. Tea length with shawl and lighter shades are recommended.
  3. Seaside Wedding – weddings by the beach. Tea length, spaghetti-strapped dresses with shawls are recommended.
  4. Trendy Wedding – weddings in restaurants and loft museums. Combination style is recommended (different styles in the same colors/fabric).


Styles/colors are determined based on what season of the year it is. For instance, the shades of burgundy, taupe and orange are most common during the fall season. In the same manner, lighter shades are better for the summer season.

On the other hand, other than the time factor involved, one’s complexion is another important thing to consider when choosing a color to wear. The bride, as well as the bridesmaids should try to select the color that will blend well with the bridesmaids’ complexions.
Fair Complexion – both dark/light colors are recommended such as turquoise, hot pink, red, royal blue, lilac, burgundy, orange
Brown Complexion – earth-tone/neutral colors like champagne, beige, burgundy
Dark Complexion – earth-tone/neutral colors are recommended like champagne, beige, black, brown
Another option which is becoming more popular now is selecting bridesmaids dresses from the same fabric and color but in different styles, or the so-called Combination style.


Certain body types will require certain styles to look best. Take a closer look and check your category.

  1. Round Body Type – wearing dresses with drop down waist will de-emphasize the waist being the biggest part of the body. Dark colored dresses are highly recommended. Certain styles recommended: 13494, 1007.
  2. A-Body Type (small busted) – emphasis should be on upper body with the smallest measurement. Wearing styles with stunning upper bodice might help improve the disproportion. Choosing dark colors will give a slimmer/thinner look. Certain styles recommended: 13295, 12960.
  3. Petite (short) – wearing form/slender fitting dresses will give an illusion of height. Earth-tone/neutral colors are highly recommended for it makes one appear taller. Certain styles recommended: 13248, p153.
  4. Tall/Slender - wearing either a short/full-length dress is not of big issue. Any style is recommended though A-line dresses may add a “weight look” on the person.
  5. Hour Glass Figure – any style will work for this perfect, womanly body. Widely recommended styles are 13508, 26653.
  6. Athletic/Full-Figured Body – this body type would want to better emphasize curviness by wearing figure-flattering dresses like mermaid cut styles. Collections that will look best are p153, 13515, wlc2107.


For the simple reason that manufacturers have different size charts, it is always best that accurate body measurements be determined first before ordering the sizes. If possible, have it professionally taken. There are individual size charts for every single bridesmaids dresses that we carry. Selecting the size that will fit the biggest part of the body (with reference to the size chart) is recommended. Alteration may be necessary for a perfect fit.

How To Measure?
Please take measurements over your undergarments and if you are in-between measurements, please order the next size larger.

Measure under arms around fullest part of bust. Be sure to keep tape level across back and comfortably loose.

Measure around natural waist (an inch above your belly button) with a loose tape.

Measure around fullest part of body at top of legs. Keep feet together and tape parallel to floor.


Since this is most likely to be a group order, the following steps may be considered for your convenience:

  1. Determine and finalize the style, colors and sizes needed.
  2. Notify company thru email or contact 1866-596-3576 for actual availability check. Availability confirmation shall be made in 1-2 business days.
  3. If at all necessary, reservation is maintained within 2 business days only. Company will not be responsible for sold-out dresses with no order confirmation.
  4. Advise company if group order is to be made. It is highly recommended that one time ordering is done for this will guarantee uniform cut and shade for all the dresses.
    Please note that some items may get discontinued Otherwise, for individual orders, bridesmaids should be notified that reservation was made under a certain name.

Orders may be done online @ or contact 1-866-596-3576 / 213-624-2441 (10:00 am to 6:00 pm PT) Monday~Friday. Special notes may be provided online when ordering.
Please note that for security reasons, we will only ship to the verified billing address of the cardholder. Insufficient or incorrect information may cause a delay in the processing of your order.

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  2. Customer will get an e-mail confirmation once order is completed and shipped. Signature may be required for high value orders.
  3. There is absolutely no Returns allowed for orders of 3 or more dresses. Only Exchange is allowed. For details on how to make an exchange, please visit the following link:
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