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As your prom approaches, our staff has gathered some useful tips for your special event. Be sure to read our own comprehensive Prom Guide, we have created specially for our valued customers.

Be yourself
from Marilyn Kirschner, editor of The Look On-Line.
Most girls try to look like a fantasy of themselves, rather than creating a look based on reality (putting their hair up in old fashioned dos, for example instead of just playing with what one has, whether it be naturally curly locks, or dead straight hair parted in the middle).

So my advice is:

Be natural, and go with your own personality.
If you are athletic and outdoorsy, the prom night should reflect that.
If youre poetic and introspective, your outfit should reflect that.
In other words, dont try to be something that youre not.
Make the most of your body
from Judy Gordon, NBCs Today Show special correspondent,

Women of every age have figure flaws and assets. The trick is to use clothes and accessories to draw attention to your assets.

If youre bottom heavy, draw the eye up by wearing a brighter color or patterns on top or wear great jewelry such as oversized chandelier earrings or long, cascading ones.
If youre top heavy, do the reverse. Wear brighter colors or patterns on the bottom.
For thinner girls, wear fuller-cut dresses or more floaty fabrics and designs -- nothing too clingy. Empire waists also give the illusion of looking bustier.
Get chic
from Lee Carter, publisher of

The one element that makes or breaks a prom look is the shape of the dress. Bigger is not necessarily better. The girl should really consider a dress with a slim and chic silhouette. Shell be glad she did when shes looking at her prom photos years later.

Be original
from Marilyn Kirschner, editor of The Look On-Line

If there was ever a season to wear a soft pastel, this is it. Quite frankly, this is the season for pastels (Easter egg colors were on almost every runway for spring/summer 2003) but be inventive when picking an outfit.

Instead of buying a long, dull, boring slip dress or traditional gown, look for hip separates, or go vintage.
Look for a vintage skirt (ankle length, midcalf, or at the knee) in a full, circle shape and put it with something offbeat or unexpected (black looks amazing when paired with a pastel), white, or pastel fitted turtleneck ribbed sweater....a crisp white shirt (which always looks terrific), a halter top fashioned out of a scarf (that you already own). This way, you can be sure that nobody will look exactly like you!
Look for vintage accessories: great beaded bags, fabulous drop earrings (chandelier earrings are hot right now) interesting metallic or satin sandals or pumps.
You can comb thrift shops, vintage stores, the Salvation Army, or the flea market. Not only will you look unique, and exude your own style and personality, but also you will save money.
Most of all: have confidence. You dont have to buy into the cookie-cutter mold of prom night!
Help him
from Lee Carter, publisher of

I dont think a girl needs to worry about offending her prom date when suggesting fashion for him. Hes probably very anxious about what he should wear and would welcome the advice. She should take the lead and give him orders, politely. Therell be plenty of opportunities for him to take the lead when theyre dancing later.

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