New Fashion Trends Winter 2006


NEW FASHION TRENDS WINTER 2006 gives Fashion Trend Report on Winter 2006.

Savvy fashionistas have been quietly, but consistently adding carefully selected new clothing items and accessories to their wardrobe that will fit in with the new seasons latest autumn 2005/ winter 2006 fashion trends. Fashion styles for Autumn/Fall 2005 - Winter 2006 are here. regularly takes a realistic look at the hot female fashion trends and simplifies these differing fashion trends and looks coming from all directions into clear categories that you can easily comprehend, whatever your age group or income. As usual there are a dozen fashion themes, yet only a few items from within those themes will emerge as key looks. The main looks to choose from are detailed below.

Ethnic styling along with shorter non nineties cropped jackets will I am sure go down in fashion history as important aspects of costume history of the masses from 2000 to 2010. Elements of ethnic styling have been cropping up for some years and are a true fashion trend of the decade as opposed to a one month fad. Realistically lets acknowledge that whilst some fashion magazine editors and some web sites may say Boho has passed, street and forum evidence suggests that both women and girls love wearing it and many will continue to wear it a little longer yet.

However, moving into decorative Russian/Military/Victorian looks will make it all very painless and easy to achieve a fresh fashion feel with just minimal tweaking of wardrobe items. With the Russian Look youll breeze through the transition from Boho to Babushka with ease.

In Autumn 2005/Winter 2006 the overall fashion trends feature components that echo the drama of historical costume and the glorious glamour of screen starlets. There are even more opulent embellished fabrics than previously seen. These fashion looks mostly emphasise women and their hour glass curves, feminine ladylike attributes and a longing for the chic sophisticated grooming combined with a yearning for the more romantic clothes of decades past. Black of course is back - as if it ever went away!

By contrast the Sixties Beatnik/New Mod Look is aimed at the 15-25 year old group. The Tomboy Look is for those who seek practical everyday, but masculine influenced clothes. The Tomboy Look focuses on waistcoats, trousers, mini-shorts and tailored cropped shorts or the newer item called skorts (mini skirts with modesty shorts underneath) that adapt to active urban working life. Coming up behind it, is a close friend the androgynous Aviator Look.

Dont be overwhelmed by the constant changes in fashion. Instead glean what knowledge you can about the newest style fads here and then work light heartedly from there putting your own fashion look together. Self style by selecting a few key elements of all the autumn winter 2005-2006 looks available and make it your own personal fashion statement. Provided you have regularly upgraded by a few key items EVERY season you need only ever buy a few major items as the latest new season dawns.

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