Fashion Trends Spring 2006


FASHION TRENDS SPRING 2006 gives Fashion Trend Report on Spring 2006.

Fashion trends suggest that less saturated sophisticated colouration is gaining ground this Spring of 2006. The shimmer of gold will be subtle, but compelling. Fabrics coruscate with dazzling, glimmer, shimmer, radiance and luminosity. White, golden tones and flesh tones are especially important.

Spring/Summer 2006 is weighty with metallic and paper-thin fabrics. The rustling sounds of taffeta give a Gone With The Wind touch. Movies such as Memoirs of a Geisha will show individuals just how sumptuous and prized rich fabrics can be. Fabrics in imitation of these brocades and silks will filter into mainstream fashion trends in garments, accessories and interiors.

Colour Trends
Despite an abundance of rainbow colours, fashion trendsetters will already have noticed the new trend toward more subtle, softer fashion colours and whisper soft faded half-tones.

Metallics have been fighting for their place for 3 years and now they will be dominant with shimmering metallic leather and suede washed-out fabrics. Bags in particular, take on a golden glow by day whatever the setting. Invest in a moderate amount of rich luminous shimmer which will be seen in fall fashions too.

These shimmering bags move from palest gold through copper to bronze and gunmetal grey effects. Tan leather bags, white leather bags and deep dyed straw or raffia bags are also in the line-up for summer fashion trendsetters.

Satins, Rich Brocades & Country Sprigs
Thick duchesse satin and shantung silk give that true fifties fashion look. Look too for satin trims as bindings on pants. There are satin bow trimmings on clutch bags and shoes as well as tipping bands on clothing. Necklaces also get the satin or velvet bow treatment. Satin is the ideal material for wrap style obi belts and even boxer shorts. Satin of the correct weight is also perfect for deeper draped cowl necklines and for kimono styles.

Richer materials also encompass impressive gold brocades or consist of fabrics made of dull and beaten gold pailettes.

Denims figure in summer 2006 fashion. Denim is dyed deeply and is barely washed out. Many denims have a finer surface and the darkness of denim is paired with the softness of the finest white voiles, batiste and dotted Swiss materials.

Denims close natural rival, linen, is now available in more colours, especially soft blue, soft pink, soft lime, grey, red and burnt orange.

Spring continues to see lightweight airy tweed fabrics, but now more frequently lightened with the sparkle of golden metallic threads. Chiffons of the same ilk, with the glimmer of golden lam, contest with golden threaded denim.

Grosgrain ribbon and Russia soutache braids add contrast to fabrics that are dull or shimmering and glimmering.

Fabrics & Textures
One of the most important textures of 2006 spring summer fashion trends is that of broderie anglaise, not just in white or cream, but also in many other colours especially the blush and creamy antique tones. There are also the dark tones of black, brown and navy indigo.

The lively feel to 2006 summer fashion trends can be seen in prints of all types, from retro 50s to oversized 60s geometrics. The traditional old favourites of spots, small and large, spaced/clustered stripes and ginghams all feature in summer dresses and blouses. Long-established woven patterns with simple or bolder checks make a reappearance in casual looks of cowgirl and cowboy trends in fashion.

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