Gold Sequin Exclusives

Sequin Exclusives by Color:
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1.    Metallic Black Fashion Necklace item# 06-nk-066

Multi strand metallic black necklace made from metal and plastic. Colors include gold, black, and silver. Necklace is hand tied from rope thread. 10 strands total. Total length measures 21 inches; drop length measures 10.5. Has 3 inch extension.

Price: $14.99


2.    Metallic Tones One Shoulder Sequins Short Prom Dress item# 10113

Metallic One Shoulder Short Sequined Prom Party dress. Beading is done in different sizes of metallic gold & silver sequins in rays like pattern coming from the side of the dress. Side zipper closure. built-in cups. Imported.

Price: $99.00


3.    Strapless Beaded Formal Prom Dress with Train & Front Slit item# 10115

Strapless fully beaded long formal prom dress with train. Silk chiffon dress with elegant beaded floral pattern with sequins also. Slight sweetheart neckline, front slit & little train at the back makes it a perfect choice for any formal event. Built-in cups & back zipper closure. Black silk chiffon with golden polyester lining. Imported.

Price: $145.00


4.    Strapless Sequined Short Prom Dress with Artistic Pattern item# 10119

Strapless Short Prom Party Dress with Artistic Sequined pattern. Gold & silver sequins in horizontal & diagonal direction gives the dress an artistic pattern. Mini dress has built-in cups with back zipper closure also. Imported.

Price: $99.00


5.    Round Neck Empire Cut Sequined Floor Length Prom Dress item# 10144

Round Neck Sleeveless Empire Cut Sequined Floor Length Prom Dress. See-through broad neckline at front & back with layered sequins design over it. Broad waistband all around also has parallel sequins pattern. Gold colored polyester lining is little shorter than the silk chiffon overlay which is floor length. Imported.

Price: $99.00


6.    Strapless Short Geometric Sequins Pattern Party Prom Dress item# 10162

Strapless Short Geometric Sequins Pattern Party Prom Dress. Sequins in silver & light gold make different geometric designs at bust, waist & skirt. Sweetheart neck dress is padded at bust with back zipper closure. Imported.

Price: $109.00


7.    Halter Neck Exotic Short Sequined Formal Party Dress item# 10172

Exotic Halter Neck Short Sequined Formal Party Dress. Neckline has horizontal stripes of gold & silver sequins all around making a sweetheart shape over the bust. Closed back with zipper closure. Imported.

Price: $109.00


8.    Fitted and Flared Full Length Beaded Formal Dress item# 1021

Long Formal dress with cowl neck & spaghetti straps which has a flared bottom. Dress has a mix of both gold and silver beads which makes it more elegant. The skirt of the dress is flared and the spaghetti straps are crossed at the back. Side zipper closure. 100% natural silk chiffon with polyester lining. Imported.

Price: $125.00


9.    Strapless Short Sequined Homecoming Party Prom Dress item# 10210

Strapless Short Sequined Homecoming Party Prom Dress. Sparkling lead gold sequins make an alluring design diagonally on the sides and straight in the middle. An elegant short dress featuring straight neckline & slim fitting silhouette. Bra cups attached on this 32" long dress. Back zipper closure. Silk with polyester lining. Imported.

Price: $105.00


10.    V-Top Fully Beaded Formal Dress item# 1061

Elegant creation with gold bead trim. Exquisite back adds to its elegance; dress is form-fitting. (Brown color is shown).

Price: $169.00


11.    Rosette Pattern Short Formal Party Dress in Mesh item# 11432

Broad Straps Mesh Short Formal Party Dress. Black mesh has rosette pattern over it with silver or gold thread running through them. Faux leather straps, around neckline & at the waist also. Shirred mesh at back with zipper closure & matching scarf included. Made in USA.

Price: $89.00


12.    Boxy Beading Full Sleeves Short Sheer Jacket item# 1290

Round Neck Full Sleeves Short Beaded Sheer Jacket. Boxy beaded border in antique gold & silver round beads along the shoulders, front opening and hem of jacket & sleeves. Rhinestones separate the boxy pattern all over the jacket. Boxy beaded patches also at a few places on the jacket. Front hook closure & shoulder padded. 100% silk chiffon & Imported.

Price: $75.00


13.    V-Neck Full Sleeves Sequined Formal Evening Gown item# 2979

V-Neck Full Sleeves Long Beaded Formal Dress with Sequined Bodice. Artistic floral sequined pattern in gold & silver sequins at the front as well as back of the bodice extended to sleeves also. Back zipper closure at the closed back with long slit also. Shoulder padded. 100% silk chiffon hand-beaded dress with polyester lining. Imported.

Price: $139.00


14.    Gold Leaf Style Jacket  item# 3266j

Sequin beaded jacket with front hook closure. Handmade from natural silk chiffon.

Price: $59.00


15.    Romantic Bow Evening Bag item# 3329-gd

Romantic satin clutch resembling a bow held by a wide band of rhinestones. Metal frame on top with a kiss lock; in gold. Measures: 11 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches

Price: $19.99


16.    Floral Pattern Hand Beaded Jacket item# 3702

Hand beaded jacket with a floral pattern design running along the neck and base of jacket. Length is approx. 22 inches.All colors have golden details. 100% Silk with polyester lining. Imported.

Price: $89.00


17.    Floral Bordered Beaded Jacket item# 3707a

A round neck gold bordered floral print beaded jacket with a hook closure. Length measures approx. 26 1/2 inches.

Price: $85.00


18.    Elaborated Mosaic Detail Hand Beaded/Sequined Blouse item# 4367

Elaborated hand beaded and sequined details adorn blouse. Embellishemets are of white, dark sivler, and golden tones. Blouse has a V-neckline and a back zipper closure. Short sleeved and shoulder padded. Asymmetrical designs along sleeves and hemline.

Price: $75.00


19.    Upside Down Fans Design Hand Beaded/Sequin Blouse item# 4500

Hand beaded and sequined blouse adorned with black, white and golden details, Blouse has a round neckline and a back zipper closure. Short sleeved and shoulder padded. Asymmetrical design along sleeves and hemline. 100% silk with polyester lining. Imported.

Price: $75.00


20.    Royal Bloosom Evening Bag item# 499f-gd

Royalty inspired satin flowered clutch and detailed top metal frame with a kiss lock, in gold. Measures: 9 x 6 x 3.5 inches

Price: $19.99


21.    Star Struck Evening Bag item# ch-00995-gd

Satin cluch with centralized rhinestone wide strap; in gold. Measures: 11.5 x 4 x 2 inches

Price: $19.99


22.    Infinite Evening Bag item# ch-01045-gd

Satin clutch with sparkling rhinestones ornament; in gold. Detachable metal chain included. Measures: 10.75 x 4 x 2.5 inches

Price: $21.99


23.    Rhinestone Embellished Satin Evening Bag in Gold item# ch-1003-gd

Satin Evening bag embellished with two Rhinestones strips. Magnetic snap button closing. Metal shoulder chain included.

Price: $19.99


24.    Butterfly Wings Evening Bag item# hy5213-gd

Satin clutch with rectangular ornament embellished with rhinestones and extending pleating on both sides of ornament; in gold. Measures: 10.25 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches

Price: $19.99


25.    Elliptical Attraction Evening Bag  item# hy5301-gd

Elegant clutch with accentuating oval of rhinestones in different sizes. Pleating details on opposite sides of ornament; in gold. Measures: 11 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches

Price: $19.99


26.    Satin Evening Bag with Studded Brooche in Gold item# hy-5539-gd

Satin evening bag has a studded brooche, a flap with magnetic closure and shoulder strap included. Measures 10 x 3.5 x 2 inches. Imported.

Price: $19.99


27.    Asymmetric Net Top with Petal Sequin Accent item# kc69-1

Spaghetti strapped English net top with gold beading. Sequins are in petal pattern combined with gold round and pipe beads.

Price: $14.99


28.    Set of 14 Gold Accented Black/Ivory Bangle Bracelets item# pob-04809

A set of 14 gold accented black/ivory handmade bangle bracelets.

Price: $9.99


29.    Set of 9 Gold Bangle Bracelets item# pob-04867

This gold accented set of bangle bracelets can accessorize any casual/formal attire.

Price: $9.99


30.    Set of 11 Purple/Gold Bangles Bracelets item# pob-1880

This trendy set of 11 piece wrist bracelets can accessorize any casual/formal attire

Price: $9.99


31.    Set of 13 Multi Colored Bangle Bracelets item# POB-1893

A set of 13 multi colored gold accented bangle bracelets.

Price: $9.99


32.    Gold Leaf Print Beaded Scarf item# sf30

A gold leaf print scarf made from gold beads and gold threading. Measurements: 17 inches (width) x 68 inches (length).

Price: $25.00


33.    Gold Threading Wrap Around Scarf item# sf31

A gold threaded scarf with gold beaded edge. Measurements: 17 inches (width) x 68 inches (length).

Price: $25.00


34.    Gold Hand Beaded Shawl item# si2015-gd

Hand beaded shawl with a floral print design. Shawl made from gold and white beads with a gold beaded edge. Measurements: 18 inches (width) x 62 inches (length)

Price: $29.00