Silver Sequined Formal Dresses

Sequined Formal Dresses by Color:
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1.    Half Sleeved Full Length Beaded Gown item# 005

Dazzling half-sleeved, sequin accentuated Dress with Padded Shoulders. Natural silk (100%) chiffon hand-beaded dress with Polyester Lining. Keyhole open back with zipper closure. #005.

Price: $99.00


2.    Round Neck Sleeveless Sequined Blouse and Straight Skirt item# 0051

Round Neck Sleeveless Sequined Pull Over Blouse & Skirt set with a horizontal beaded pattern. An elastic waistband straight skirt has a zipper closure and small slit in the back. Blouse is 19" long & length of skirt is 23". Imported.

List Price: $109.00
Our Price: $87.00
You Save: $22.00(20%)


3.    One Shoulder Bare Back Sequined Long Formal Prom Dress item# 10132

One Shoulder Sequined Long Formal Prom Dress with Bejeweled Neckline & Back Straps. Flared bottom with side zipper closure. Low back with studded diagonal strap at back. Padded bust & side zipper closure. Imported.

Price: $149.00


4.    Long Sequined Formal Prom Dress with Rhinestones Waist item# 10139

One Shoulder Long Sequined Formal Prom Dress with Rhinestones on Waist. Exquisite rhinestones pattern on the side of the waist at front & back. Flared skirt for easy movement. Side zipper closure & padded at bust. Imported.

Price: $149.00


5.    Mettalic Leafy Formal Mother of the Bride Dress with Jacket item# 1077

Handmade silk chiffon formal mother of the bride dress with asymmetric & layered hemline. Fully lined dress has beautiful metallic leaf designs all over & on the jacket also. Matching jacket is included. Imported.

Price: $149.00


6.    Half Sleeves Sequined Formal Mother of the Bride Dress item# 2754

V-Neck Formal Mother of the Bride Dress with Floral Beaded Pattern on Sleeves & Waist. Shoulder & bust padded dress has u-cut sleeves with hanging beads on its hem. Closed back with zipper closure & long slit at the back.

Price: $129.00


7.    Full Sleeves Knee Length Beaded Bodice Cocktail Dress item# 2922

Sweetheart Neck Knee Length Beaded Bodice with Attached Skirt Cocktail Dress. Floral beaded pattern on the upper bodice all around with silk chiffon skirt. Full sheer sleeves which are fully beaded also. Dress measures 40" long approx. Imported.

Price: $89.00


8.    V-Neck Half Sleeves Knee Length Floral Beaded Dress item# 2946

Half Sleeves Knee length Beaded Dress with Floral Stems Beaded Pattern all over. Shoulder padded dress has closed back with zipper closure and squared v-neck. Approx 39" long dress has a small slit at the back. Imported.

Price: $85.00


9.    V-Neck Full Sleeves Beaded Formal Gown with Keyhole Back item# 2982

V-Neck Full Sleeves Long Beaded Formal Dress with Keyhole Back. Floral Sequined patches all over the bodice in front as well as back. Keyhole at back with zipper closure beneath it. Long slit in the front side. 100% silk chiffon hand-beaded dress with polyester lining. Imported.

Price: $139.00


10.    Full Sleeves Long Beaded Formal Gown with Elegant Bodice item# 2985

Full Sleeves Formal Evening Gown with Elegant Sequined Pattern at the Bodice & Back. Stems & leaves beaded pattern in pipe beads gives this dress a very sophisticated look. Big keyhole at back with sequined pattern bordering it. Long slit at the back & shoulder padded. Made of 100% natural silk chiffon with polyester lining.

Price: $129.00


11.    Knee Length V-Neck Formal Cocktail Beaded Dress item# 2987

Knee length Half Sleeves Beaded Cocktail Dress with Keyhole Back. Leafy pattern in beads & pearls all around the bodice and sleeves. Shoulder padded dress has a big keyhole at back with zipper closure also. Dress measures 37" approx and has a small slit at back. Imported.

Price: $88.00


12.    Full Length High Waistline Beaded Dress item# 7016

Sequin beaded formal evening dress with floral design ending. Dress has a front slit for movement; measures 57 inches.

Price: $125.00


13.    Sweetheart Neck Long Formal Beaded Gown with Keyhole Back item# 7031

Beautiful Neckline Half Sleeves Long Formal Beaded Gown with Keyhole Back. Shoulder padded dress has a short jacket like sequined pattern around its bodice and sleeves. Front side slit with back zipper closure. Imported.

Price: $115.00


14.    Tea Length Long Sleeves Petal Beaded Formal Dress item# 7581

Tea Length Long Sleeves Beaded Formal Dress with Beautiful Petal Design along the bust, shoulders, back & hem. Sheer sleeves with front side slit. Back zipper closure. Made of 100% Silk Chiffon. Imported.

Price: $109.00


15.    Full Sleeves Tea Length Silk Sequined Formal Dress with Slit item# 7686

V-Neck Full Sleeves Tea Length Formal Sequined Dress with Beautiful Beaded Pattern at the bodice. 45" long dress has a front side slit, long sheer sleeves & closed back with zipper closure. 100% natural silk chiffon hand-beaded dress with polyester lining. Slit on the side.

Price: $109.00


16.    2 Piece Hand Beaded Formal Dress item# 8060

2 piece Spaghetti Strapped Full Length dress with a matching fully beaded jacket; side slit in the front of the dress; Stems like design accentuates the upper bodice of the dress.Back Zipper Closure.

Price: $189.00


17.    Sleeveless Formal Evening Dress with Exquisite Mesh design item# 9268

Sleeveless Full length beaded formal gown with an exquisite checkered mesh design over the bust & also at the back with 6 hook closures. The dress also has a zipper closure with a slit at the back. Imported.

Price: $109.00